B-P Products has a new name – we’re now PackEdge!


We offer complete in-house capabilities dedicated to package design, die design, production and sample making. From concept to fulfillment, we deliver more than just packaging.

Die-Cutting / Blanking

As paperboard finishers, Die-cutting is core to our business and a capability we provide on almost every job we do. PackEdge has three large scale die-cutters including our Bobst Novacut 106E which can run at speeds up to 7,500/hour and die-cut blanks up to 29”x41” in thicknesses ranging from .005 to .065 paperboard and N, F, E & B flute corrugated.

Folding and Gluing

We have recently upgraded our folding/gluing capabilities with a new high-speed folder gluer. Our new machine can convert blanks of up to 41” wide while running corrugated and varying thickness of board at speeds up to 50,000/hour including straight line, auto lock bottom, and 4-6 corner box designs.

Paper-to-Board Lamination

Our paper-to board laminating capability is unique in the industry and one of the key services that sets us apart from our peers. Our new high-speed laminator can mount up to 57” x 57” with a top sheet as thin as 10 point and a bottom sheet as thick as B flute corrugated. All this at speeds up to 10,000/hour.

Window Patching

Nothing makes a statement in packaging quite like seeing the product through the packaging. With our new high-speed window patcher this can be a reality with clear plastic windows pasted to our die cut cartons to make a unique packaging product display. We can mount a flat window on most types of boxes including corrugated with blank sizes ranging from 17” x 37” to 4” x 6” with window sizes from 2” x 2” up to 17” x 19”.

Die Design & Manufacturing

We design and manufacture our own steel rule dies using our new 600 watt Laser and computerized rule bending capabilities for use in our state-of-the-art die-cutting machines. Our extensive experience in die making gives us the ability to help design, manufacture and tweak dies in-house to make your product exactly match specifications. We also sell to third parties. Send us a quote request today!

Packaging Design

PackEdge | Packaging Design

PackEdge is a full-service manufacturer of custom cartons and other packaging products. Our talented designers can offer design options to suit your product – classic, eye-catching, premium, eco-friendly – ensuring the result is everything you wanted.

Printing & Coating

PackEdge | Printing & Coating

We work with all types of printing and coating ranging, from one-color to four-color process with AQ or film lamination. Coatings are available in gloss, satin, matte and soft touch. Let our dedicated staff work with you to make your package truly sparkle.

Third-Party Fulfillment

PackEdge | Third-Party Fulfillment

Your project doesn’t end when the product goes into the package. It ends when the customer receives and enjoys their product. That’s why we offer third-party fulfillment services. We can manage your inventory, pick, pack and handle all fulfillment logistics – so you can focus on what you do best.

Vendor-Managed Inventory

PackEdge | Vendor-Managed Inventory

In addition to third-party fulfillment, we also offer vendor-managed inventory of packaging materials. Vendor-managed inventory is useful when larger quantity orders provide price breaks, but limited storage at the customer site prevents a full delivery. Let us manage your packaging inventory in our warehouse to help provide optimal costs and logistics for your packaging needs.

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